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Intuitive Momentum Fitness

Virtual Wellness Coaching Community

Do you know how being an empath effects health and fitness? 

Being empathic means you are highly in-tune with the emotional experience others are having around you, sometimes so much so that you aren't even "in" your own experience. This ability is often developed through traumatic experiences, and may accompany the development of Complex PTSD. Unhealthy ways-of-being are habitualized, such as hypervigilance, causing overall well-being to be challenged, usually leading to the accumulation of multiple health issues. 

With all of this sensory overload, if an empath follows a typical fitness plan, it will only further deplete an already overextended system. 

This was my experience, and it was over years of learning, researching, and experimenting that I developed the kind of relationship with my body that allowed me to see progress towards my goals. 

Are you empathic? Are there aspects of fitness that just don't work for you like it seems to for everyone else? Maybe it's not a lack of commitment. Maybe you need a different approach, an intuitive approach that honors your body and energy.

If you are an empath, have experienced trauma, are juggling multiple health issues, or just want to keep fitness simple, I would love to help you get strong physically and energetically! 

I mentor a private health support group on Facebook called Intuitive Momentum Fitness where I am the life coach and personal trainer on retainer. I go LIVE answering questions each week, and members have access to me all month for personalized guidance. 


Within the group you have access to my best recommendations and rrcources for empaths seeking health and personal sovereignty. You also get a discounted price for my eCourse, "Strong InsideOut." This contains both step-by-step, gentle fitness guidance, and life coaching lessons focused on positive life change. The intent is lifestyle transformation and investment in a loving relationship with the body. 

Request to join my private mentoring group here:

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