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Intuitive Fitness for Empaths

How honoring your body and trauma can transform your health

Keep fitness simple! After 22 years of developing Complex PTSD and accumulating multiple health issues, Kylar became obsessed with health and fitness. In addition to diligent fitness research he had to practice intuition and pacing to progress in a manner his body could tolerate. Now Kylar has 17 years in the fitness industry and 20 years of his own health journey. He has been a licensed massage therapist since 2005, and a life coach since 2010. Kylar speaks from his own experience as a Complex PTSD survivor and riser. In his book Kylar merges solid fitness instruction with the compassion that only comes from personal experience in the fires of deep trauma and disillusioning health struggles.

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A Prince for Cinderella

How Cinderella was the hero of her story and other ways the princesses demonstrate the brilliance and power of the feminine

From my earliest memory I was in awe of my teenage mom, and heartbroken that my dad seemed unable to see it. Over my life I have continued to cherish the brilliance and power of the feminine, and be shocked at how few saw it. 

I've also loved stories my whole life. Stories can communicate truths to our hearts deeper than any lecture. But our preconceived ideas and filter whether we receive those truths or not. 

In this book I hope to redeem our vision of the stories that have shaped our culture, and highlight how awesome the feminine is within each of us. 

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