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Wellness Transformation Coaching

Aligning with Your Power Inside and Out

How do you become someone you have never been? How do you live a life you always believed was out of reach? How can your physical and emotional health reflect a power you've always felt cut off from?


Trauma can leave you feeling like you will be damaged forever. Survival patterns keep us small and hiding long after the original danger has passed. And this becomes reflected in our health and fitness.

I observed these patterns in my own life when I became brave enough to escape an abusive and controlling religious home after 22 years. I pursued healing through therapy, coaching, research, and continually stepping out of comfort zones towards my goals. 

Along the way I began implementing Listen First/Motivational Interviewing with fitness clients, and in October 2010 I earned a certification in life coaching from Life Purpose Institute.

My focus is on fundamental habits, and making gentle adjustments  that become permanent. My formula uses intuition, imagination, and pacing, along structured processes so that transformation is a lasting state of being.

My passion is helping people courageously trust themselves again, reclaim their life sovereignty, and rekindle their dreams so they can live life fully alive... because there is so much of life to live!

Message me to set up a 20 minute discovery call.

$155/session; $777 per six session package

A 12 week comprehensive transformation program also available. Message for details.

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