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Therapeutic Massage

Intuitive and Empathic Healing Touch

Do you wish to relieve stress and anxiety? Reduce muscle tension? Enhance physical performance? Relieve a headache? Reduce pain? Ease depression? Or simply experience the soothing connection of loving human touch? Massage therapy helps the body unleash a whole pharmacy of nourishing chemicals that are stored in our own tissues just waiting to be utilized.


I am an intuitive massage therapist (lic. #12825 since 2005) with medical massage training. I specialize in providing nurturing touch from the empathic masculine, so those who desire neuromuscular relief can experience the energetic connection that brings physical and emotional restoration.

Relaxation - Medical - Sports - Deep Tissue

30 minutes - $55

60 minutes - $100

90 minutes - $140

Please message me to set something up!

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